About Us

Our Vision

smart-Tecs started as a gate provider over 20 years ago, and soon became a leading provider of Gate and OCR solutions to the stevedoring and transportation industry. In 2019, smart-Tecs transitioned to new leadership, focusing on outstanding managed services, and developing innovative solutions for all our customers.

Our solutions automate and optimize terminal operations, providing operational visibility and KPI measurement and reporting, while increasing efficiency and safety. We design, implement, deploy, and maintain our products, which include smartGATE GOS (our complete gate automation solution), OCR Portal, OCR Crane, as well as RFID and web-based systems. Support is available 24x7 and our effective support team focuses on preventative maintenance, issue review, and issue training, to keep operations running and downtime at a minimum.

Over the past few years, we have completed over 20 large-scale projects for terminals around the globe. We have extensive experience in implementing green field systems and converting legacy systems, and our track record includes many successful deployments of various sizes, ranging from 5-7 lanes to 60-80 lanes in brown and green field installations. With our expertise, we effectively manage the challenges of integrating Gate, OCR, RFID, and TOS systems.

Our automated solutions provide our clients with a distinct competitive advantage, enabling operational efficiencies and turn times, while reducing technology costs. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and committed to execution, we consistently deliver measurable results. Our leading-edge technology roadmap is always evolving as we continue to innovate and develop new products.

Please contact us today to learn more. We look forward to discussing how we can help optimize your terminal operations.


We have proven history of delivery on time/budget and with highest quality.

We procure our products from US suppliers, build, and test product in San Leandro, California.

We have extensive experience working with multiple civil engineering firms in design, layout, and equipment and mounting specifications from the start to the end of the project.

We have extensive experience in deploying GOS and integrating with 3rd party systems (such as Kalmar RFID, Advent and other appointment systems).

We have proven robust, reliable, and extendable systems.

We provide excellent 24x7 support.

smart-Tecs offers “One vendor” approach, when we are responsible for installation and support of GOS, OCR, reporting, and other systems.

smart-Tecs products have a platform for today and future technologies.