smartACCESS allows Facility Security Officer (FSO) of the terminal the ability to manage multiple facility access/exit points with a single monitoring location. Door access, turnstiles, gate arms, CCTV, and motion sensors are typical devices that are controlled and monitored through smartACCESS.  In addition, smartACCESS can integrate with existing older physical access control systems at the facility.
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  • Vehicle Entry/Exit points with gate arm control
  • Personal Entry/Exit control
  • Kiosk Turnstile/Door Entry points
  • Camera viewing and recording
  • PIV/Biometrics/PIN authentication and registration
  • Set Facility security levels
  • Email Alerts
  • Visitors schedule appointments to visit facility online
  • Reporting (appointments, violations)
  • smartAccess PIV authentication assurance levels
  • Card Validation (Certificate Validation, Revocation Verification)
  • Harvest Card Data (FASC-N, Biographic, Biometrics, Photograph)
  • smartAccess card administration
  • PACS (Privileges, Clearances, Expiration Date, Issuer, Card Revocation)
  • Physical Access
  • Read Card (Check Expiration Date)
  • Authentication Challenge (Biometric & PIN)
  • Biometric & PIN (Pass/Fail, Grant Access)
  • Controlled, Limited, Exclusion Areas
  • Multiple type - entry points
smartACCESS Overview smartACCESS Overview
Hardware Solutions
smartACCESS hardware plug-in allows easy connectivity to any hardware device. All devices are off the shelf market products that are mature in their product life cycles. This ensure product stability and reliability. smart-Tecs offers hardware design solutions as well. We design and deploy all hardware devices in an environmentally control rated enclosure to perform in all weather conditions. smart-Tecs products meet all U.S. (UL) and European (CE& TUV) safety guidelines.
Maintenance and Support
smart-Tecs provides 24x7 On-Call support for its smartACCESS product suites. Services include preventative maintenance, system monitoring, training, trend analysis and issue review. Through preventative services, smart-Tecs delivers stability and lowers the total costs of owning an intelligent terminal gate automation and control system.