smartACCESS is a facility access and security control system that utlizes Coast Guard issued TWIC as well as other PIV/access cards. smartACCESS has been evaluated by the TSA and approved for Initial Capability Evaluation (ICE) List for TWIC reader systems. smartACCESS can be easliy tailored and configured to meet your facility security plans.

  • Flexible to meet security needs of the transportation industry (Marine Terminals, Airports, Rail, etc.,)
  • Meets SP800-116 specifications for Access Control
  • Secure smart card with Biometric enrollment (including TWIC USA issued secure ID card).
  • MARSEC levels in smartACCESS can be changed anytime increasing security requirements when the Coast Guard heightens MARSEC levels.
  • Validates against TSA hotlist database
  • Integration of older PACS (Physical Access Control System)
  • Automated software and hardware security control system (Built on latest technologies)
  • Hardware is rated for use in the USA, EU, and the Middle East
  • Provides ability to control security based exclusion zones in the facility to authorized personnel
  • Fully integrated with other smart-Tecs products

See how smartACCESS system can be incorporated into your facility security plan. To learn more about smartACCESS click here