smartOCR-Gate offers 3 different approaches to handle OCR technology.
  • smartOCR-Gate solution
  • smartLane OCR solution (ICT)
  • Plug-in any existing 3rd party OCR provider (Asia Vision, APS, HTS, SAIC, etc)
smartOCR-Gate Solution
  • Identify and record Container / Chassis damage (Bent, Cut, Corrosion, surface details like Oil Stain, Powder etc.,)
  • Ability to add custom comments for the damages reviewed
  • Customized container / chassis stitching options
  • Play video (Top, Sides, and Rear views)
  • Intuitive Zoom-in and Zoom Out capabilities
  • Customized search screens
smartLane OCR Solution (ICT)
  • Intelligent Camera Technology (ICT) is an OCR solution that uses image analysis and pattern recognition techniques to automate the collection of container and chassis numbers and translate them to a readable form
  • ICT re-uses lane existed chassis and container cameras
  • When a truck arrives in a lane, Intelligent Camera determines if the truck is carrying a 20’ or 40’ container or a bobtail
  • Upon detecting a container, Intelligent Camera will utilize a rear PTZ camera to auto-position it to view and read the container number
  • Based on the chassis size, side PTZ camera(s) will be auto-positioned to view and read the chassis number