smartCARGO was originally created in 1999 for MTC and named Dockworks, but in 2009 was brought up to the 21st century utilizing all the latest technologies.

smartCARGO was written to handle all commodities (IE: Bulk Grains, RORO Automobiles, Project Cargo, Break Bulk Steel Pipe). In 2010 across Ports America, over 1 million MTs of General Cargo and 160k + Automobiles were processed through smartCARGO.

smartCARGO has extensive integration capabilities through its EDI module with carriers. Carriers also utilize the web interface to smartCARGO to run reports, release cargo, and subscribe to notifications.

Terminal/Stevedore operators such as Ports America and Port of Vancouver. Carriers such as WWL, ACL, and MOL. Even the Trucking community utilizes smartCARGO for the its Quickpass capabilities.

smartCARGO currently has over 65 module installations across 15 locations in the United States.

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