smartGATE is a leading edge terminal gate operating system that propels your terminal into the future of automation. smartGATE provides ability to process trucks from centralized or remote locations. smartGATE accelerates terminal productivity by automating many gate activities. The PC based application with its ergonomically friendly multi-language user interface allows to process transactions more efficiently and eliminates idle time. The fully integrated smartGATE system measurably lowers the operating costs per move while increasing gate throughput.
Business Advantages
smartTecs Virtual Console smart-Tecs Virtual Console delivers clear sound and responsible video control, eliminating lost time adjusting audio and searching video
  • Flexible-Track record of integration with most existing Terminal Operating Systems and 3rd Party Providers (OCR, RFID, Biometrics)
  • Enhanced User Experience - PC-based console with robust and straightforward user interface promoting high productivity
  • Remote Operation - Clerks can process transactions from remote locations
  • Multi Terminal - Centralized clerks can process transactions for multiple terminals
  • Reporting and Analytical Tools - Maintains its own database for enhanced management visibility and control through reporting and analytical tools
  • OCR Ability - OCR and Exception Handling supporting Auto-transactions
  • TOS Integration - Middleware solution can integrate with any TOS (M21, NAVIS (including N4), AS400, Terminal Custom TOS)
  • Security - Role-based, user-level security environment
Technical Advantages
Automated Gates Automated Gates smartGATE accelerates terminal productivity by automating gate activities
  • Technology - built on latest technologies
  • Availability - runs and responds under all circumstances with complete redundancy and failover
  • Scalability - scales to serve the world’s largest terminals
  • Interoperability - has well-defined industry standard messaging to interoperate with legacy, 3rd party applications, and any existing TOS’s
  • Flexibility - has well-defined tools and interfaces to accommodate dynamic workflow and processes
  • Configurability - allows functionality to be extended fast, maintainable, and cost-effective ways through friendly UI
  • Maintainability - zero-downtime upgrades, little to no management and maintenance costs
smartGATE Overview smartGATE Overview
Hardware Solutions
smartGATE hardware plug-in allows easy connectivity to any hardware device. All devices are off the shelf market products that are mature in their product life cycles. This ensure product stability and reliability. smart-Tecs offers hardware design solutions as well. We design and deploy all hardware devices in an environmentally control rated enclosure to perform in all weather conditions. smart-Tecs products meet all U.S. (UL) and European (CE& TUV) safety guidelines.
Maintenance and Support
smart-Tecs provides 24x7 On-Call support for its smartGATE product suites. Services include preventative maintenance, system monitoring, training, trend analysis and issue review. Through preventative services, smart-Tecs delivers stability and lowers the total costs of owning an intelligent terminal gate automation and control system.