smartGATE is a leading edge terminal gate operating system that propels your terminal into the future of automation. smartGATE provides ability to process trucks from centralized or remote locations. smartGATE accelerates terminal productivity by automating many gate activities.

  • smartGATE is an IP-based system, developed using the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Adds the ability for truly remote (off terminal) processing of trucks
  • Redesigned clerk UI improves ergonomics and increases productivity
  • System is modular and scalable
  • Includes built-in load-balancing support for improved performance and failover
  • Simpler maintenance with off the shelf hardware components and increased remote capabilities. Eliminates the need for terminal downtime to upgrade servers
  • Works with different TOS’s: M21, NAVIS (2.x, 3.x, and N4), AS400
  • Supports multiple databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2)
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-terminal support
  • Allows the easy addition of new functionality such as RFID, Biometrics, TWIC
  • smartGATE provides a variety of operational and management reports
  • It has built-in OCR technology allowing to rich 95% of containers and chassis reads

smartGATE system is installed at 19 terminals in the USA and Europe. To learn more about smartGATE click here